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Aqua Medic Xenia 130 Aquarium Black

Aqua Medic Xenia 130 Aquarium Black

Aqua Medic Xenia 130 Black

Please give up to 10 days for delivery

  • Glass thickness of front pane: 15 mm
  • Incl. glass cabinet filter with four-chamber system, pre-filter chamber, two clear water chambers for putting up biological and mechanical filters (e. g. skimmer, multi reactor) and filter media, settling chamber, Dimensions of the filter (l x w x h): app. 65 x 50 x 45 cm, water level max. 32 cm, volume max. 97 l
  • Circulation pump DC Runner 3.1
  • incl. assembled inlet and outlet piping, emergency overflow, quiet and adjustable overflow
  • incl. empty conduit for hidden cable duct
  • high-quality cabinet with softclose, white high gloss or graphite-black


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